2020 : A new way of living

by | Aug 26, 2020 | Latest Posts

The wave of 2020 hit in March and completely washed away life as we know it. Particularly hard hit are performers and staff within entertainment and production. Businesses shut down and the curtain closed for what many did not know was just the beginning of a very long haul.

artistic face masksAs a Director and Owner to a full time business within the entertainment industry I quickly realized that we might be out of work for an extended period of time. I quickly saw an immediate need for PPP equipment for the non-medical/civilian community. Aware that masks were about to become a requirement for safety I began purchasing a variety of masks from multiple sources local, online and abroad. I was not a fan. The fit, form and design made wearing the mask uncomfortable and bothersome. Always searching for the solution to a problem I became obsessed with researching patterns and fabrics. I discovered a new pathway to staying in business. AURA took heed to open a sister company, LA CARA USA. The idea : Catch Vibes, not a Virus. Spread love, not germs. The goal, provide custom styled face masks and protective wear that are comfortable, reusable and local to the community and USA.

LA CARA USA has now provided face masks all across the USA and recently shipped orders to the UK. Shop and view products now at www.lacarausa.com

Stay safe friends.