September 2020 – Back to work

by | Sep 18, 2020 | Latest Posts

September marks 6 months since the close of the economy in Florida and across the US. The future of work is here and seems dismal. Getting back to work is simultaneously exciting and terrifying. Earning income and providing work in the entertainment industry is appealing AND needed. The fear of re-entering the workforce before a vaccine and accurate information are available is equally present. Those in the production and hospitality industries don’t have much of a choice. Those at AURA are moving forward with enthusiasm and cautious optimism to provide entertainment in a safe manner as recommended by our state leaders and medical professionals at the CDC. Cheers to those our fellow colleagues within the industry, let us view this as a step in the right direction towards safe reopenings. To our fans and friends, we look forward to bringing back our passion with energy and love.